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World Regeneration

one ecosystem at a time

We're using regenerative agroforestry to combat climate change. Help us transform the chocolate industry and save the forests.

Farm with the forest


Agroforestry supports biodiversity and mitigates climate change. By planting a diverse mix of trees and shrubs around the cacao crop, it mimics an abundant forest ecosystem, creating long-lasting benefits for the planet.


the climate of agriculture

Because of monoculture practices, 24% of global greenhouse emissions can currently be attributed to agriculture and forestry.

If we don't change farming practices from monoculture to agroforestry, within 60 years, healthy soil could disappear, destroying our planet's ability to regenerate.

If the global cocoa industry transitioned from monoculture to dynamic agroforestry, more than 2.5 gigatons of CO2 would be redirected from harming the atmosphere to regenerating the soil.

impact strategy

2020 - 2023

Building on the work of Alter Eco’s cocoa partner cooperative Unocace, the Alter Eco Foundation is launching in October 2020 to start the transition of 150 farmers to regenerative agroforestry on 400 acres of land.

That's the equivalent of taking 4,300 cars off the road!

These farms will increase carbon sequestration by 83 metric tons of CO2 per acre over 20 years, compared with conventional monoculture cacao.